Safety Light Curtains (Type 4) ::.
Safety light curtains protect personnel from injury and machines from damage by guarding points of operation, access, areas and perimeters. Type 4 light curtains meet CE requirements.
  EZ-SCREEN¬ Safety Light Curtain Systems
Non-contact machine guarding systems protect fingers, hands and ankles, and guard perimeters and access, using self-contained emitters and receivers without a separate control box
EZ-SCREEN Low-Profile Safety Light Curtain Systems


The space-saving, compact profile of the EZ-SCREEN LP is ideal for smaller machines, yet robust enough to meet the demands of large power presses.

Safety Laser Scanners (Type 3) ::.


Banner Engineering's AG4 Series Laser Scanners are two-dimensional laser scanners that effectively protect personnel, as well as stationary and mobile systems within a user designated area.

Safety Interlock Switches ::.
Safety interlock switches respond when a mechanical guard opens. They feature "positive opening" contacts for high reliability and coded actuators to discourage tampering or defeat.
  SI-MAG Series Magnet Style Switches
Three-component magnet-style switches tolerate dirt buildup, washdowns, long sensing distance and shifts in alignment.
  Locking Style Switches
Switches lock a mechanical guard until hazardous motion stops completely. All models offer a choice of locking mechanisms and operating voltages.
  Compact Plastic Style Safety Interlock Switches
Small switches housed in plastic are available in limit switch and flat-pack styles, with a choice of actuators.
  Hinge Style Safety Interlock Switches
Load-bearing hinge, rotary and standard hinge style switches provide an adjustable range of operation
  Compact Metal Style Safety Interlock Switches
Small switches housed in metal are available in limit switch and trumpet styles, with a choice of actuators.

Two-Hand Control Modules ::.
Module monitors the output of each mechanical switch button and de-energizes when the machine operator removes one or both hands from the button
  DUO-TOUCH SG Two-Hand Control Safety Modules
Module connects to STB switches, monitoring the outputs of each button, preventing an output signal if it detects a fault and de-energizing when the operator removes one or both hands.

Emergency Stop & Stop Control ::.
Emergency stop devices provide workers a means of stopping a device during an emergency by pushing a button or pulling a rope.
  Mechanical E-Stop Buttons
Metal or plastic E-stop button uses a push-to-stop, twist-to-release mechanism to provide emergency stop actuation and is available with a wide variety of normally-open and normally-closed contacts.
  Rope Pull Switches
Rope pull emergency stop switches, when used with steel wire rope, provide emergency stop actuation for conveyors and large machinery.

Safety Controllers and Modules ::.
Industrial safety controllers and modules provide an interface between safety devices and the machines and processes those devices monitor.

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