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From I/O systems for fieldbuses and Ethernet, embedded and PC-based control technology through to programming and visualization: AUTOMATION offers everything that makes up innovative automation technology from Phoenix Contact.


AUTOMATIONWORX links information, productivity and integration. This reduces operating costs and increases process control.
• System overview
• Services

• Easy Automation - Compact controller system


Easy Automation is the automation system for class 100 compact controllers. All products for this solution are ideal for smaller and cost-effective automation solutions thanks to the reduced product complexity. The compact controllers are extended with I/Os with IP20/IP67 protection, web panels, network components, modems or Safety IOs. The flexible system structure offers a wide range of application options. Thanks to the numerous special function modules, Easy Automation is ideal for applications where high-quality communication is required at a low price.
• Compact controllers
• Software
• Network technology
• Wireless communication
• Operation and monitoring
• I/O systems in the control cabinet
• Safety I/Os (SafetyBridge technology)
• I/O systems in the field

• Control technology


Modern control system solutions in automation technology can be used as centralized or distributed solution. Phoenix Contact offers open, flexible and powerful hardware platforms for your control systems.
• Inline controllers
• Remote field controllers
• S-MAX ... CE PN
• VLC control engineering
• Software PLC
• Nanoline control family
• Accessories

• Energy data acquisition


Continuously recorded energy flow provides the basis for a target-oriented operational energy management system. The analysis of measured energy values is essential for:- Identifying potential cost savings- Avoiding peak loads- Optimizing system capacity
• Data logger
• EMpro energy meters

• Software


Engineering software is required in all phases of a project. Phoenix Contact thus provides various software tools and supports you throughout the actual system operation. Our tools support you during the system planning, project planning as well as during the parameterization and configuration. Moreover, we also provide software for uniform programming, visualization, system simulation before the commissioning and for the safe operation of systems and machines.
• Planning and simulation
• Parameterization and configuration
• Programming
• Visualization
• System simulation
• System operation

• Safety


The technical development leads to ever faster and more complex production systems. Our easy-to-handle solutions generated in cooperation with users and certified agencies such as TÜV and BGIA safeguard the health of the operating personnel and prevent the manufacturing units from getting damaged.
• Safety services
• SafetyBridge technology
• PROFIsafe

• Network interfaces


INTERBUS controller boards are the connection between INTERBUS and any control system you choose to use. They enable device-specific diagnistic concepts up to the individual channel of a controller board.
• Application
• PC/PLC/VME bus controller boards
• Gateways

• PSD signal towers


PSD – Phoenix Signaling Devices are signal towers for clear status message for machines and systems. They allow themselves to be set up in a modular way and always inform precisely about actual operating states, interference as well as impending critical states.
• Optical elements
• Audible elements
• Wireless elements
• Connection and mounting elements
• Accessories

• Human-machine interface (HMI)


A wide range of requirements in industrial automation require a wide range of Human Machine Interface solutions (HMI).We provide an extensive range of products for such solutions.
• Web panel
• Operator Terminals OT
• Touch Panel TP
• TP maritime touch panel


• Industrial PCs (IPC)


Today modern industrial PCs are indispensable in industrial environments. Together with the control system used, industrial PCs in various form factors are at the heart of many automation systems
• Industrial PCs for the control cabinet
• Thin Clients
• Panel-PCs
• Industrial PCs for field level
• Tablet PCs
• Accessories


• PROFINET IO system components


We provide a wide range of products for realtime Ethernet solutions on the basis of PROFINET - right from control systems to IO systems to infrastructure.Adapted control system classes, different transmission physics and infrastructure types and the degrees of protection from IP20 to IP67 in the IO systems provide a wide range for all applications.
• Network technology
• Control technology
• I/O systems
• PROFINET IO proxies
• Starter kit


• Industrial Ethernet – Factoryline


Our complete Ethernet solution optimized for industrial environments can be found on the following pages. You will receive everything from a single source for your reliable network: From simple infrastructure components to wireless or security solutions
• Switches and hubs
• Security router / firewall / VPN
• Wireless
• Com Server
• Media converter
• Ethernet modems
• Proxies and gateways
• Network isolators
• Accessories


• Industrial wireless


Does installing the signal or data cable cause you problems? Is the work and expense involved too high, or do your moving lines wear out too quickly? Do you need to access information or data without being dependent on the location and time? Do you or your production media need flexible or mobile communication? In that case, wireless communication is the right solution for your communication requirements.
• Wireless MUX IO
• Wireless IO
• Bluetooth
• Accessories


• I/O systems in the control cabinet, IP20


Smaller, faster, more flexible and more economical – these are the trends in automation. Phoenix Contact actively encourages these trends with innovative I/O systems for perfect solutions in the control cabinet.- Inline Modular- Inline Block IO- INTERBUS ST
• Axioline modular (AXL)
• Inline Modular (IL)
• Inline block I/O (ILB)
• INTERBUS smart terminals


• I/O systems in the field, IP65/67


The wide range of Phoenix Contact products for use directly in the field can be used universally and decentrally in machines and equipment. Fieldline, Ruggedline, AS-Interface
• Fieldline
• Rugged Line


• Drives


Motion control & distributed drives and drive solutions for varied tasks in machines and plants, from distributed drives through to a machine control system with motion control.
• Motion Control
• IP 400 motor starters and variable frequency drives


• Automotive industry


Since 1987, Phoenix Contact is accompanying the continous innovation process offering intelligent and innovative automation concepts.
• Body shop
• Paint shops
• Power train
• Modular system concepts


• Machine automation


Phoenix Contact offers special solutions for machine automation. They offer network-capability, human machine interfaces, control system technology and fieldbus technology in combination with high economic efficiency.
• PC solutions as a bundle
• Motion Control
• Modular positioning controllers
• Compact positioning controllers
• Inline CPU
• Temperature control


• Implementation and installation accessories


The Automation Service Center supports the integration of your INTERBUS interface.
• Implementation
• Communication and installation accessories

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