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Covering all aspects of industrial control, the INTERFACE catalog provides all the components required for the signal conditioning of digital, analog, serial, and power signals, such as signal converters, switching devices, and power supply units.


The safety relays from Phoenix Contact currently provide the highest safety standard for emergency stop and safety door circuits, as well as two-handed control systems.
• Safety services
• Safety relay
• TBUS modular safety relay system
• Configurable safety devices
• Speed / downtime monitors
• Safe coupling relays for process industry
• Accessories



As electronics modules are increasingly used, clear and reliable electrical isolation is becoming more and more important for industrial automation devices. Modern relay or solid-state relay interfaces perform a wide range of tasks.
• Coupling relay and solid-state-relay
• Power electronics and solid-state contactors
• Special relay and solid-state relay modules



INTERFACE Cabling is divided into two product lines: The system cabling with three components and the universal wiring modules (e.g. D-SUB module with 1:1 connection to screw terminal blocks).
• System cabling
• Wiring modules
• System cable



The modular Analog converters for MCR technology avoid the distortion of analog signals caused by external interferences. With accurate conversion, isolation, filtering or amplification of analog signals, they secure and increase transmission quality and thus the quality of closed-loop control circuits.
• MINI Analog
• MACX Analog
• MCR Analog



Process Interface ME offers tailor-made economic solutions for practical implementation of an interface between intrinsically safe system parts and the PLC or process control system.
• MACX Analog Ex
• Process Interface PI
• Multiplexer for HART signals
• 2-wire temperature transducer
• Termination carrier



Due to the increasing use of different kinds of automation techniques in all areas of industry, larger and larger amounts of data must be processed. The "arteries" are serial data cables.
• Interface converters
• Fiber optic converter
• Industrial Modem Line
• Industrial Ethernet
• Foundation Fieldbus & PROFIBUS PA
• SUBCON fieldbus connector

• INTERFACE Power Supply


Power supply unit from PHOENIX CONTACT - technical leaders in every class. The reliability of a power supply unit is the decisive factor for the availability of complex systems. For this reason, Phoenix Contact has perfected power supplies for industrial use.
• QUINT series
• TRIO series
• MINI series
• STEP series
• Uninterruptible power supply units
• DC/DC converter
• Redundancy modules
• Power storage device
• For AS-i systems
• Sockets
• Fuse modules

• INTERFACE Wireless


With the INTERFACE range of products, the wireless signals transmission systems, from Phoenix Contact, analog and digital signals or serial data can be transmitted simply and safely using wireless technology. This gives planners and users access to a very simple transmission path for industrial fields of application. Signals that could only previously be acquired with a great deal of effort or not at all are now fast and simple to acquire.
• Wireless IO
• Wireless Serial
• Wireless Ethernet
• WirelessHART
• Wireless accessories

• INTERFACE Monitoring


The INTERFACE Monitoring product range comprises various products for the conversion, measurement, and monitoring of electrical parameters: current and voltage transducers, current transformers, monitoring relays, timer relays, and special function modules
• EMpro energy meters
• MCR current and voltage transducer
• Solar check PV string monitoring
• PACT current transformer
• Electronic monitoring relays EMD
• Electronic timer relays ETD
• Special function modules
• Components for E-Mobility

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