Field cabling – PLUSCON ::.



For you as a control cabinet or device manufacturer, it is a challenge to save even more time and money during system installations. To achieve this, Phoenix Contact offers you a comprehensive, universal and innovative range.


Photovoltaic plug-in connectors - PLUSCON solar
In addition to plug-in connectors for the DC side that can be assembled, the range of SUNCLIX plug-in connectors for photovoltaics also includes pre-assembled DC cables with cross sections of 2.5 to 16 mm² in different lengths. The straightforward spring-cage connection allows for especially quick plug-in connector assembly.
• DC plug-in connectors that can be assembled – SUNCLIX
• Assembled DC cables – SUNCLIX
• SUNCLIX - DC panel feed-throughs
• Accessories – SUNCLIX
• AC plug-in connectors that can be assembled

• Circular connectors - PLUSCON circular


Circular connectors for industrial applications: Flush-type connector and configurable connector for signals, data and power
• Sensor/actuator flush-type connector
• Sensor/actuator connector, can be assembled
• Circular plug-in connectors, M16 - M58

• Sensor/actuator cabling - PLUSCON field


Modern connection technology with IP67 protection. Sensors and actuators can be connected to the control cabinet fast and conveniently by means of pluggable distributors.
• Sensor/actuator cable – SAC
• Sensor/actuator connector, can be assembled
• Sensor/actuator boxes – SACB
• Sensor/actuator cabling for the food industry
• Sensor/actuator cabling for outdoor applications
• Sensor/actuator cabling for robot and drag chain applications

• Data Connectors - PLUSCON data


VARIOSUB is a plug connector range specifically for signal and data technology in rough industrial environments. The use of commercially available D-SUB, RJ45 and FO contact inserts or M12 plug connections, the high degrees of protection up to IP67, and EMC protection, are outstanding features of the product range.
• ETHERNET 10 Gigabit
• Ethernet hybrid
• Ethernet M8
• EtherCAT
• Sercos III
• Fieldbuses
• USB and Firewire
• D-SUB based connector
• Service interface
• Adapter plates

• Appliance plug connectors - PLUSCON device


The VARIOCON plug connector system is suitable for use in equipment, terminal boxes and control cabinets. The basis of the range are modular contact inserts with screw and PCB connections as well as permanent contact inserts with crimp connections for turned and punched contacts.
• Modular contact inserts
• Crimp contact carriers
• Crimp contacts
• Tools for crimp contacts
• Sleeve housing and supporting base elements
• Cable screw connections
• Accessories

• Heavy industrial connectors - PLUSCON heavy


HEAVYCON plug connectors save time and money, and create reliable connections of power and control lines in harsh industrial environments. All internal and external connections can be prewired at low cost, and the male and female inserts can be freely selected.
• Power distributor with QUICKON connection (IDC)
• Power distributor – DUPLICON
• Heavy-duty connector – HEAVYCON

• PLUSCON Cabinet - cable entry system


The CES cable entry system allows water and dust-proof insertion of a variety of cables and protective hoses into areas with limited space in control cabinets, distributor boxes or devices.
• Sealing frame with locking latch or screw locking, snap-on frame
• Cable sleeves, small, rubber
• Cable sleeves, large, rubber
• Cable sleeves, special formats, rubber
• Cable sleeves, small, thermoplastics
• Cable sleeves, large, thermoplastics
• Accessories

• E-Mobility plug-in connectors - PLUSCON power


The AC charging plugs according to IEC 62196-2 enable both 1-phase AC charging as well as more powerful 3-phase AC charging with a current strength of 3 to 63 A. This enables a charging power of 3.7 to 43.5 kW to be achieved. Maximum possible safety is achieved thanks to an electromechanical lock between the charging plug and the vehicle.
• Type 2 charging cable, assembled, spiral cable
• Type 2 charging cable, assembled, straight cable

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