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The growing challenges of the market are forcing companies to deliver 100 percent 24 hours a day.Phoenix Contact offers extensive solutions for high power and signal quality with the TRABTECH product range and thus makes an important contribution to interference-free work processes in all sectors.


• Surge protection
Surge voltages are potential interferences that cause damage or malfunctions just when permanent availability of the device in question or the plant is expected. This results in expenditure on replacement, repairs and downtimes.
• Power supply
• MCR technology
• Information technology / telecommunications
• Transceiver systems
• Test equipment for surge arresters
• Industry solutions / special applications
• Accessories TRABTECH products

• Monitoring


Detect faults before they become a problem. This applies both to residual currents which build up slowly in the system and to any previous damage to surge arresters or system components which has gone unnoticed.
• Lightning current monitoring
• Differential current monitoring
• Device circuit breakers (overcurrent protection)
• Test equipment for surge arresters

• Uninterruptible power supply


UPS devices offer reliable protection from voltage failure. They ensure system operation and in the event of long interruptions to voltage can power down systems and machines without any loss of data or defects.
• UPS device
• Battery module
• Module for bypass and redundant operation
• 19" socket strip
• SNMP adapter
• Accessories

• EMC solutions


Interference suppressor filters ensure uninterrupted safety in the control cabinet and in lab and office environments. Unwanted voltage peaks are easily restricted and the voltage signal thereby smoothed out.
• Interference filter with type 3 arrester
• Interference filter

• Services


Our products can significantly increase the power and signal quality in your systems. If you would like support in selecting products or help in creating a safety concept, please let us know.
• Planning software

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