Modular controllers SIMATIC S7

SIMATIC S7 modular controllers can be expanded flexibly at any time via pluggable I/O, functional and communications modules, providing tailored solutions for your requirements. Choose from a wide range of performance, scope and interface options depending on your application. Our modular PLC is also presented as highly available or fail-safe systems.



 SIMATIC S7-200


CPUs :

The S7-200 has been proven worldwide in applications covering all sectors as a result of its wide range of exceptional features:


CPU 222

  • The superior compact solution
• DC /AC Power Supply
• With 14 inputs/outputs on board
• Expandable with up to 2 expansion modules


CPU 224

  • The compact high-performance CPU
• DC /AC Power Supply
• With 24 inputs/outputs on board
• Expandable with up to 7 expansion modules


CPU 224 XP

  • The power CPU
• DC /AC Power Supply
• With 24 digital and 3 analog inputs/outputs onboard
• Expandable with up to 7 expansion modules


CPU 226

  • The high-performance package for complex technical tasks
• DC /AC Power Supply
• With additional PPI port for added flexibility and communication options
• With 40 inputs/outputs on board
• Expansion capability for max. 7 expansion racks


Signal modules

There are expansion modules from 4/4 to 32/32 I/Os, analog modules from 4/0, 8/0, 0/4 up to 4/1 I/Os, as well as performance modules for switching loads: 5A DC or 10A relays


Power Supply


HMI (Human Machine Interface)


 SIMATIC S7-1200: Easily adapted to suit your needs



S7-1200 CPUs:

The SIMATIC S7-1200 system is available in four models, CPU 1211C, CPU 1212C, CPU 1214C and CPU 1215C. Each can be extended to meet any machine's requirement.
All SIMATIC S7-1200 CPUs can be equipped with up to three communication modules on their left side for point-to-point serial communication, PROFIBUS Master/Slave, GPRS communication, AS-i and more Field bus systems.


o Space-saving design

All SIMATIC S7-1200 hardware has been specifically designed to save space in the control panel. The new CPU 1215C, for instance, includes two PROFINET Ports and is only 130 mm wide. CPU 1214C has a width of 110 mm, and CPU 1212C as well as CPU 1211C are only 90 mm wide.


S7-1200 Signal modules

One signal board can be added inside the front of any CPU to easily expand the digital or analog I/Os without affecting the physical size of the controller. Signal modules can be connected to the right side of the CPU to further expand the digital or analog I/O capacity. CPU 1212C accepts two and CPU 1214C accepts eight signal module.


HMI (Human Machine Interface)


 SIMATIC S7-300: the modular universal controller for the manufacturing industry



S7-300 CPUs
CPUs for every application

A graded CPU range with a wide performance range is available for configuring the controller. The product range comprises 7 standard CPUs, 7 compact CPUs, 5 fail-safe CPUs and 3 technology CPUs. The CPUs are available from a width of only 40 mm.


S7-300 Signal Modules
Range of I/O modules for the S7-300

Signal modules are the interface of the SIMATIC S7-300 to the process. The multi-facetted module range of S7-300 allows modular customization to suit the most varied tasks


• Easy installation

The sensors/actuators are connected through front connectors. These are available for the following connection methods:


• Screw-type terminals


• Spring loaded


• Fast Connect (insulation displacement )

When a module is replaced, the connector is simply plugged into the new module of the same type; the wiring is retained. The coding of the front connector avoids mistakes.


• High packing density

The high number of channels on the modules provides for the space-saving design of the S7-300. Modules are available with 8 to 64 channels (digital) or 2 to 8 channels (analog) per module.


• Simple parameterization

The modules are configured and parameterized using STEP 7, and there are no inconvenient switch settings to be made. The data are stored centrally and, following module replacement, they are automatically transferred to the new module so that no setting errors can occur. No software upgrade is required when using new modules. A configuration can be copied as often as required, e.g. for standard machines.


S7-300 Function modules
Module overview

Function modules are intelligent modules that independently execute the technological tasks like counting, measuring, cam control, PID control and motion control. Thus they reduce the load on the CPU.


 SIMATIC S7-400 process controller: a powerful solution



S7-400 CPUs
CPUs for demanding tasks


• S7-400 system basically comprises a rack, power supply, and central processing unit. It can be installed and expanded in a modular way. In a centralized expansion, additional mounting racks are connected direct to the central controller.
• The S7-400 CPUs have some highly useful special functions:

o Simpler and faster upgrade due to firmware update via network from an engineering workstation
o Additional write-protection (for e.g. no component download from PC to CPU) via a system function
o Optional know-how protection by reading the serial number of the memory card, so that it is ensured that the program runs only with the particular memory card


S7-400 Signal modules
Modules overview

o The S7-400 signal modules are only a subset of the modules that can be connected to the S7-400 via PROFIBUS DP. Centrally connected signal modules can be connected and disconnected during operation.
o The high number of channels on the modules is a reason for the space-saving design. For example, modules with 8 to 32 digital channels
or 8 to 16 analog channels are available.

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